What is Event Tracking & How Can It Help You?

What is Event Tracking

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In this blog, we will discuss what is event tracking in google analytics and how it can help you? When users go on your website and begin interacting with your content, this is called an event. Whether it’s scrolling down the page or selecting a link, an “event” is the user’s interaction and activity on any web page element your site has.

These elements can be videos, images, buttons, links, scroll bars, etc. Event tracking gives us the ability to monitor and analyze users interactions on a website and display this information via a report on Google Analytics which can later be analyzed to make improvements to your website.

You can do this by attaching a tag (tracking code) to an element on your website that you are interested in analyzing. When you do so, all activity on that element will be displayed and calculated as an event on your Google Analytics reports.

How Event Tracking in Google Analytics Can Help You?

So now, do you know what is event tracking in Google analytics? Let’s talk about how it can help you? Event tracking is important because the data it provides helps you optimize your website for conversion. For example, you may notice a green call to action button responds 20% better than the blue call to action button on the same page.

Understanding this data will allow you to make the optimal changes to better improve chances of engagement, in turn, potential sales, more calls, more leads, more orders, more of what you want. Implementing tracking allows you to manipulate different elements on your site to assist with conversion goals and ultimately improve sales funnels and conversion rates. 

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Final Note –

We have tried to cover everything about what is event tracking in Google analytics and how it can help you. If you still have any queries, reach out to us using the comment box.



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