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Maximize the influx of qualified dental patients, boost production rates, and ensure sustained return on investment through meticulously crafted digital and direct mail campaigns tailored to your brand.


Proven processes get results for Solo Dentists, Small Groups, Dental Consultants & DSOs

Optimize Your Marketing Results

With over a decade of specialized experience in the dental field, we’re equipped to lead you through our insightful discovery process. Let us demonstrate how we can propel you towards achieving your objectives. It’s our privilege to collaborate with accomplished dentists, consultants, and DSOs.

Marketing Program Design

Recognizing the individuality of each dental practice, we offer adaptable and bespoke digital and direct marketing solutions. Our aim is to cultivate awareness and establish your practice as a standout presence within your market and show tangible growth as soon as possible.

Campaign Management

As your steadfast and dependable ally, we’re committed to delivering excellence. Your dedicated team is passionate about their craft and will meticulously execute your campaigns, providing transparent results and comprehensive reporting every step of the way from start to the end.

Paid Ads and Boost New Dental Patients

Generate a substantial surge in new patient inquiries, surpassing the industry average conversion rates for dental services. Ensure visibility to dental patients precisely when they are actively seeking dental care.

Structured Campaigns | Continues Optimization100%
Measurable Results | Converted Patients15+

We use a 3 steps strategy to generate new high value clients for you every single month. This system is has been proven to be effective with many different dentist offices in many different locations around the United States.

STEP #1 Google Advertisement

We use our experienced keyword search team to target high intent bottom of the funnel keywords that people search on Google within 5 miles of your dental practice office. Based on the searches people around you are typing into Google you can tell exactly what they are looking for. This list can include but is not limited to:

  • General Dentistry
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • X-Rays
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants
  • Clear Braces
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Root Canals
  • Fillings
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers

The Google Ads we implement will have your website appear at the top of the page which has the highest likelihood to be clicked by the potential customer. What happens next is equally as important as getting your advertisement seen by potential customers.

STEP #2 Landing Pages Tracking

Our web development team will implement the proper tracking systems needed to accurately measure the clicks and events that occur on your website. This ensures that the advertising system collects the proper data to analyze which ads are working and which are not.

This also creates a straightforward system of measurement to calculate how much money is spent to book an appointment. Based on your average revenue of a booking and the lifetime value of your customers we can easily calculate your return on investment of the advertising spend.

So what happens if a person comes to the website and then leaves without booking appointment? Well we have a solution for that too. It’s called ad retargeting. We use Facebook ads to follow the person around on the internet for a few days after leaving your website.

STEP #3 Retargeting Ads Campaigns

An unfortunate truth about the internet and digital advertising is that 90%+ of people will come to your website and not book an appointment or buy anything from you. Do not feel bad, this is true for all businesses around the world. What is important is to have a strategy to try to get those people to come back to your website again so that you have a chance to convert them into a customer once more.

This is best accomplished by utilizing Facebook’s vast ad network to show them ads for your business for the next few days following the time that they came to your website and left without booking an appointment. Based on what they searched for in Google and their landing page we have a very good idea what type of dental services they are currently looking for.

The simple dental practice growth sales funnel that will work for your business.

This 3 part system introduces are proven advertising and sales funnel into your business that can work day and night to target specific procedures and grow your customer base.

A Briter Smile Dental Clinic

Huge thanks to Lets Design For You for making our website and social media look amazing! They’re super skilled and helpful, Anytime we faced an issue they took care of it ASAP. I’m really happy with the results and totally recommend them.

Arman Shekari

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Mariam Komeili
Mariam Komeili
April 23, 2024
We have used LDFY for the past few years and they are wonderful to work with. They are both knowledgable and honest, and always have great suggestions to improve our website and SEO. Highly recommend working with them.
ali khodadadi
ali khodadadi
April 12, 2024
They are amazing. I started a small business and they designed the website and all marketing materials. Siamak is very nice and has solution for all of my concerns. I really appreciate them for their great team and reasonable prices. They know what you need and provide appropriate package for you and it’s amazing. Highly recommend them.
Arman Shekari
Arman Shekari
January 19, 2024
Huge thanks to Lets Design For You for making our website and social media look amazing! They're super skilled and helpful, Anytime we faced an issue they took care of it ASAP. I'm really happy with the results and totally recommend them . ---
AMP'D Entertainment
AMP'D Entertainment
January 2, 2024
The team at LDFY have been really fantastic to work with! not only listening to and implementing everything that we had asked for but also giving us suggestions and guidance based on many of their past experiences! With their help we've seen an incredible amount of increased traffic to our site. I'm really really glad that we reached out to them to update and rebuild our site into what it is today! Thank you so much!
Ramin Ramezani
Ramin Ramezani
September 12, 2022
Great company with brilliant expertise. Siamak and Shahab wont hesitate to spend a lot of time with you learning what you expect from them and have both got great taste; coupled with their impeccable work ethics, the end result has been great for me, and the entire experience very delightful. I appreciate them and highly recommend them.
Oasis Security
Oasis Security
November 6, 2021
Great group of guys with integrity. Siamak/ Anthony are good people and they do solid work at a fair price.
Nathan Welter
Nathan Welter
September 13, 2021
These Guys are GREAT super helpful. We had a SEO problem and these guys were all over it and fixed it us right away!! Could not be happier
Patricia Gonzales
Patricia Gonzales
November 5, 2020
The team at Let's Design for You did top quality work for a recent virtual fundraiser for our organization. We had no idea how to navigate through the virtual ins and outs of having an event online but they knew what to do, what we were looking for and executed perfectly! Thank you!
Pam Tarr
Pam Tarr
September 23, 2020
What a great experience we had working with LDFY! They were hugely helpful on our live stream event when the sponsoring organization had limited tools and experience to support the project. LDFY just dove right in and did work on their site that wasn't planned to help make the event a great success. I can't wait to work with them again!

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