What is Google Tag Manager and its Benefits?

What is Google Tag Manager

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The answer to the question of what is google tag manager and its benefits? Google Tag Manager is a free tool made by Google that allows you to manage all your website Tags placed on your website which tracks user events/ activity without the need for editing your website code.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) syncs with your Google Analytics account which takes your tags information and displays the data. Every tracking code is called a tag that correlates to specific user events on a web page.

You can manage all your tags via the GTM interface. It is designed with marketers in mind, speeding up many processes such as efficiently managing your tags in one place, easy integration, and a user-friendly web design.

New tags can be added rapidly and a lot of them do not require code changes to the website. This is a great tool for marketers because it can give you the freedom to add and change which elements you want to track and really speed up launch time by testing each change themselves and deploying when ready.

Why should you use Google Tag Manager?

So now that you know what is Google tag manager and what its benefits are, here we will discuss why you should use it. Google Tag Manager allows your developer, marketer, or analysts to easily deploy, track, and manage user behavior in this one platform. GTM speeds up the processes involved in setting up tracking code tags and allows you to test and deploy when ready in one system.

The built-in testing tools allow you to troubleshoot and correct errors that may occur when implementing different tags or tracking codes. There is an awesome feature called “Preview and Debug mode” that displays which tags are fired on a web page and which are not. This is key because it allows you to ensure everything is working perfectly before you event publishes changes to your web page.

Now you know what is Google tag manager so, did I mention google tag manager is FREE?! Just like Google Analytics and many Googles tools, the free version gives you plenty of functionality to get started especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Final Note –

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