The question of what data is Google analytics goals unable to track is in the mind of every webmaster and all of them are looking for the answers for this.

Google analytics tool helps webmasters to track the visitors, behavior, and goals made by them by submitting queries or purchasing. Let’s discuss the question here.

What Data are Google Analytics Goals Unable To Track?

When it comes to search engines Google is the main resource to watch. Google likes to keep us on our toes when it comes to new implementations into their algorithms.

However, this search engine has gone above and beyond when it comes to breaking down analytics and understanding the traffic that is coming to your website. 

One question that we get a lot is, “What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track?” In this blog, we will explore what Google Analytics is, how it works, and what it allows you to track. 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics affords business owners the ability to dig into their traffic and get to understand their audience on a different level. This tool gives a website owner the chance to track their website, blogs, or social networks. 

It provides detailed reporting that is both predetermined and customizable. This data is recorded from the traffic which visits the website and is organized according to the audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions. Google Analytics is the Cadillac of SEO tools. It offers a wealth of data and metrics, which are not measured by other tools on the market. 

You will find that Google works according to elements that are varied but vital. These include:

  • Number of visits    
  • Duration of visit   
  • Source of traffic  
  • Pages that are visited

In addition, you will find several other sections available which include:

  • User preference   
  • Keywords      
  • The device used to visit your site

What makes Google Analytics stand out is the fact that it works hand-and-hand with all other tools offered by Google. This means you can combine your Analytic efforts with AdWords, Blogger, or YouTube. Any tools which count visits and traffic can be combined in your Google Analytics. 

What are Google Analytics Goals?

Goals were designed to help website owners measure specific aspects to help them obtain their goals. It is designed to report back how well your website is working to fulfill the goals that you have set up. The most essential part is setting up your Goals so that Google can correctly collect the data. So, with Goals set up, you can easily track purchases, levels completed on a game, or those who are signing up for your newsletter. 

As we mentioned above, defining your goals is the most vital part. Once those goals are in place Google can easily obtain your data. This can help you see where you need to improve your website. Every interaction that is tracked will be sorted into one of the following Goal types:

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Page/Visits
  • Events

What Google Analytics Can Not Track

Here is the answer for What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track? There are many things that you can track through Google Goals. However, the one thing that cannot be tracked is the customer’s lifetime value.

Since this type of activity is not an interaction there is no way for Google to record the data. However, you can gather enough data to make your own assumption of a customer’s lifetime value. You can check over their purchases and visits to your page. 

Let’s face it, a customer’s lifetime value is priceless. Without customers, your business cannot thrive. However, on paper, it has to be a measurable bit of data for Google to give you the analytics. So, while your customers are invaluable, this also is a number that cannot be given to you. 

Google Goals allow you to set up 20 different goals per reporting view. To track more goals, you will need to create additional views of your website. 

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