Which Goals are Available in Google Analytics

which goals are available in google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools on the internet. It allows you an inside look at your website and the traffic that is coming to it. We have a lot of customers asking, “Which goals are available in Google Analytics?” Rather you’re looking to improve your digital marketing or are just seeking the answers to a few questions, you will value the information in this blog.

What Are Google Analytics Goals?

When it comes to a website it can be difficult to cater your site towards your customers’ needs when you know nothing about them. Google Analytics gives you the tools to do just that. Goals are just one tool that is offered through Analytics.

So the question is “Which Goals Are Available In Google Analytics?”. You can set up goals to help measure how well your website or app is reaching those specific measuring points. Goals are a completed activity, also known as a conversion. These goals help push your business towards success.

Let’s break this down so you can understand it better….

A goal may be a purchase if you are running an eCommerce site. Once a purchase is made a goal would be recorded. You can then look at your user’s information to better understand your audience and what it took to get them to make a purchase.

It is important to identify these goals as they are a fundamental part of your marketing plan. When these goals are configured correctly, they will give you important information. When you do not have this information, it is hard to efficiently evaluate your business and marketing plan.

Types Of Goals

Which Goals Are Available In Google Analytics? All goals will be placed into one of the following types. Please find the types of goals below-

1. Destination – This would be a goal based on a location. An example of this type of goal is a “Thank You” page.

2. Duration – This goal allows you to log sessions that last for a specific amount of time. So, you could set the goal to log in when a visitor is on a page for minutes or longer.

3. Pages Per Session – The goal will be logged when the visitor views a number of pages. So if a user visits 3 pages or more then the goal would be logged.

4. Event – The goal would be recorded when a specified event is triggered. This may include social recommendations, video, play, or ad clicks.

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We have tried to describe to you which goals are available in google analytics in this post. So, if you still have any query you can reach out to us any time.



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