The Importance Of A Mobile Friendly Website

The Importance Of A Mobile Friendly Website

Posted by: Coyote Manager

Every business owner wants more business but did they know the importance of a mobile friendly website?

Let’s face it, the age of computers and laptops is passing away. Even an Ipad is not that easy to see nowadays, although it has been such a hot topic for a while. Being more and more mobile, we all need accessible carry-on technology. Smartphones are eventually taking over the market. An average person spends at least 5 hours per day on his smartphone. At least 91% of Americans claim to always have a cellphone within the reach range. And the most ironic part of it is that we hardly use our cellphones for their main purpose anymore. Nobody calls nowadays. Instead, we exchange messages, emojis, comment, and share in social media apps. That is why having a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app is an essential marketing tool for any serious self-respecting business nowadays.

People prefer mobile devices

What is good about digital marketing is the constant possibility to track and collect data. And it shows us that at least 57% of traffic in 2020 comes through mobile devices. It means that people are more likely to learn about you with their smartphones. Giving a more user-friendly experience, mobile-friendly websites create the best first impression.

The new level of competition

Establishing any business and taking a new step in its development, you should always remember that your potential clients have a very wide choice. If he does not buy it from you, he may always buy the same thing from someone else. Having a mobile-friendly website increases the chance that you will simply look like a better option for a potential client.


Even if someone has bought something from you already, the whole success of your business depends on whether this customer will return and bring friends and family. And in more than 60% of cases, people claim that they would not recommend some business to their friends only because of the poor design of the website. Isn`t it a shame to lose customers even if you offer a great service only because your website does not look nice?

Make it easy

In our dynamic era, people always look for the fastest and easiest ways to do things. That is why a mobile-friendly website is very important for your business image. When it downloads fast, all the buttons are clear and easy to push, the potential client is much more likely to get engaged, continue browsing, and eventually make a purchase.

Stay in touch

Mobile-friendly sites make the contact information much easier to find. On the one hand, it is much easier for a customer to address you in case he needs any additional information before the purchase. On the other hand, at least 45% of users claim that the more contact information there is, the more trustworthy the whole business looks. 

Final Note –

I hope now you know the importance of a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website is not a luxury or an option anymore. It is necessary. No matter whether you are managing a B2B business or own a flower shop, having a mobile-friendly website increases your chances to be noticed and trusted. You should always remember that a modern customer has almost limitless choices.

Every possible industry represented online is overflow with an offer that exceeds the demand greatly. That is why it is very important to use all the potential that the digital world offers us nowadays. Knowing the percentage of smartphone users, being mobile-friendly simply means being customer-friendly.



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