Why Incorporate An FAQ Page On Your Website

Why Create an Faq Page

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To briefly review, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a part of your website where you address popular questions, comments, concerns, or objections that visitors may have about your website or business when visiting. In this article, we will go over why including an FAQ page can be beneficial to your website and why you should consider creating one. 

First and foremost, the FAQ page can help improve your users experience when entering your website. Your website can be very clear, well organized, and easily navigable. However, some users may still have a hard time finding the answers they are looking for. This can lead to a frustrating user experience which can be easily solved by helping them answer a question they are looking for. The FAQ section complies answers to common questions on popular topics from the user and the FAQ page gives visitors a central place to find the answers they need.

An FAQ page can be very beneficial for improving SEO rankings which can result in better organic searches for your website. It also offers a great opportunity to give answers to common questions users not just about your website or business, but general questions about your industry or even your competitors. Providing answers to these types of questions can bring in people who may not even know about your company and allow for these related keywords to populate and help your search results.

This is also a good place to try to capture voice search queries from AI being used by larger corporations. Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or even the Google assistant may use your FAQ questions to answer the users, which tend to be longer and phrased in a more natural, conversational style. While it may be awkward to insert a full question into your website content, an FAQ page is a natural fit for those sorts of queries.

One important reason why having an FAQ section is important is to save valuable time. Giving users the ability to find most of their answers in this section can tremendously reduce the time it would take to reach customer service or wait for someone to respond to an email. Most users will look for an FAQ page to answer their question immediately before seeking customer service assistance. This will also help save money on customer service costs which can add up for larger websites or companies. 

Actively updating your FAQ section allows you to better serve your users and the audience you have. It is important to actively identify common questions from your site visitors to continually answer their questions easier and in return giving you more content for your website.

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