Google Analytics Data Preservation

Preserve Your Data

With Google Universal Analytics shutting down, it’s crucial to archive your data to maintain access to valuable insights beyond the shutdown date and continue leveraging it for strategic decision-making.

NOTICE: Shutdown Date Extended to July 1st, 2024

Two essential steps are recommended: firstly, backing up your old data, and secondly, integrating and configuring Google Analytics4.

Smooth Transition to GA4

Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for your Google Universal Analytics data to Google Analytic 4. From initial discussions to implementation, we provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. We’ll meticulously plan the migration strategy, execute the transition with precision, and offer clear communication and support throughout the process. With our assistance, you can confidently embrace GA4, unlocking its full potential for your business while minimizing disruption to your operations.

What Needs To Be Done?

As Google Universal Analytics approaches its shutdown date, it becomes increasingly imperative to take proactive measures to archive your data. By doing so, you ensure continued access to invaluable insights that have been instrumental in shaping strategic decision-making for your business.

Without archiving this data, you risk losing access to crucial information beyond the shutdown date (June 1st, 2024), hindering your ability to derive actionable insights and optimize performance. Therefore, prioritizing the archival process not only safeguards your historical data but also enables you to seamlessly transition to alternative analytics platforms, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical metrics and supporting informed decision-making for the future.

What we can do

With our “Google Analytics Data Preservation” packages, LDFY will make sure to safeguard your data and maintain momentum in your analytics journey via complete data backup from your current Google analytics account.

Basic Package

Back up all your google analytics data

Full Package

Back up all your google analytics data along with all your custom events and triggers data.

Importance of Archiving Data Before Google Universal Analytics Shutdown

Preserving Valuable Insights

Safeguard essential data for continuous access to valuable insights.

Continuity in Strategic Decision-making

Maintain strategic planning integrity with archived analytics.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Meet legal standards by securely archiving your analytics data.

Your Success Is Important To Us

With our package, not only do we guarantee seamless data preservation, but we also offer expert assessment and guidance on implementing or enhancing GA4 for your business needs. Our team will thoroughly examine your data during the preservation process, identifying opportunities to transition to GA4 or optimize its configuration for improved performance.

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